Hit the road with confidence. Your vacation should be as worry-free as possible. 

When you set out for that dream vacation, you are taking some valuable time off and using what can sometimes be your second most valuable asset.  Let Janecka Insurance place you with specialized and comprehensive protection that protects you, your family, and your RV. 

Broad Acceptance
We can accommodate almost all recreational vehicles from pop-ups to coaches. Talk to us about your motor home (up to $500,000 in value) and travel trailer (up to $300,000 in value). 

Specialized Coverages

We can fit you with coverage that takes care of your specific needs with policy options including:

• Total Loss Replacement – replaces a “totaled” RV with a new model of similar make and quality.
• Emergency Vacation Expense – provides up to $2,000 for lodging and transportation if an RV is damaged during a trip.
• Disappearing Deductibles – reduces the deductible by 25 percent at each claim-free renewal.
• Full Timer’s Package – extra coverage for customers who use an RV as their home.
• Replacement Cost Personal Effects – protects your personal items, including cameras, clothes, cell phones, etc.
• 24-Hour Roadside Assistance – provides assistance for disabled vehicles – and we’ll be sure to send a tow truck that can handle your RV.
• Windshield Coverage – new $0 deductible option for replacing a damaged windshield.

Competitive Rates
We will work to offer you great rates, without sacrificing service or coverage. And in addition to low rates, you can take advantage of numerous discounts, including:

• Multi-Policy discount
• Original Owner discount
• Responsible Driver discount
• Transfer discount
• Claim Free Renewal discount
• Paid-in-Full discount
• Prompt Payment discount
• Small Claim Forgiveness

Superior 24/7 Claims and Customer Service
The goal is to make insurance easy. Customers with RV insurance can access their policy information 24/7. They can also receive 24/7 claims service. Claims representatives receive intensive training on specialty vehicles, such as RVs, so they can handle your unique claims needs.

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