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The Great Retirement Income Gap

Janecka Insurance Agency welcomes you to attend this 30 minute education webinar that explores the puzzling questions related to extended health care (long term care) during retirement. Unique innovations have occurred in the past two decades for addressing these expenses, yet many remain unaware of these incredible planning tools.

Your host, Fred Kubesch, has partnered with One America to bring their Texas Regional Director, Roger Cantu, to 'unpack' this difficult topic. Roger will review the dilemma of LTC planning while sharing several income tax incentives recently past to help you navigate your own personal LTC planning strategy. The team here at Janecka Insurance is convinced that you find this a robust and educational session 

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Long Term Care

We offer a suite of whole life-based products that can help you retain your independence, preserve your dignity and leave a legacy for your loved ones offering:

  • Generally tax-free LTC benefits, and 
  • A death benefit

Long term care is intended to provide support to those who need assistance due to severe cognitive impairment, or help completing Activities of Daily Living like eating or bathing. These plans can offer solutions for almost any level of care, ranging from local care during the day to more specialized support: 

  • Home health care
  • Assisted living
  • Nursing Home
  • Adult day care
  • Hospice

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