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Ride safe, watch out for the other guy, and stay insured. 

Not only is Russell Janecka an agent, he is also an avid motorcyclist. He understands your passion. Whether you ride your bike off road or on it, you can benefit from being insured. Whatever your ride: sport bikes, Can-Ams, Harleys, cruisers, touring bikes, or custom bikes — if you live in Texas, chances are we can cover what you ride.

We are all about obtaining every discount that can benefit you. But when you need the coverage, you want all the protection you can have. We will help you strike the balance between coverage and price. 
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Common Coverage Options

Your motorcycle insurance can include any or all of the options below — contact us today to discuss a custom coverage that best suits your needs.

Custom Parts and Equipment
If you select custom parts coverage, you will receive up to $3,000 in coverage without any additional cost to you. Coverage is available for up to $30,000 in custom parts and equipment.

Roadside Assistance
If you get stuck or your bike is disabled, we’ll tow it to the nearest repair shop for free. You just have to be within 100 feet of the road. You can also add trip interruption coverage to pay for food and lodging up to $500 if you’re away from home.

Total Loss Coverage for a Brand New Bike
Available if your bike is no more than one model year old on a new policy, and two model years old after renewal of a total loss coverage policy. If it’s totaled, we’ll give you the full MSRP for a brand new motorcycle, minus your deductible.

Disappearing Deductible 
Every policy term that you don’t have a claim, we’ll take 25% off your deductible, all the way down to $0.

Liability Coverage
You can pick the motorcycle insurance coverage that fits your needs. Even up to the underlying liability limits high enough to satisfy Personal Umbrella requirements. In most states, Guest Passenger liability (which is mandatory on all street bikes) is automatically included at the same limit as your liability selection.

Medical Coverage
This coverage provides for certain necessary medical expenses for you and any passenger that are the result of an accident. 

Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist Coverage
This coverage typically pays for expenses associated with injury or death for the driver and passenger from an accident caused by an uninsured, under-insured, or a hit-and-run driver.  

Just like you, we like to ride but we want to get home safely; that is the ultimate goal. But things can happen on the road that are out of our control. That’s why we are all about having the right insurance that can put you back on the road. Call us or inquire online for a review and quote on your motorcycle insurance today. 

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