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2021 Scholarship Award Recipients

Despite the ridiculous school year they had endured, resilient students made it through the year with success and good reason to be proud. And we are proud of those accomplished and hard working young adults who submitted their applications for our scholarship. It is heartening to learn of the achievements and experiences of these exemplary students.

This year was no exception, the judges are pleased to recognize two students for their outstanding work, spirit and accomplishments.  The committee is proud to acknowledge both of them.

Nicholas Blundell, son of Keith and Lisa Blundell will be attending Victoria College this Fall.

Emily Webb, daughter of Paul and Sean Webb, will be attending George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.


They each received a $1,000 scholarship to aide them toward achieving their goals.

Our sincere congratulations go to both them and their parents as we wish these two continued success in their endeavors. Keep up the hard work, perseverance and focus as you strive to achieve your objectives.

For more information about our scholarship award, see this page.

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