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Lime or Bird Scooters - Fun to Use - but you're NOT insured.


If you go to the major cities and walk the downtown sidewalks, you are likely to see some electric scooters parked and waiting for you to use them.

They're designed to be used by downloading a simple app and with the benefit of your information and a debit/credit card, you can rent them for just a couple bucks per use. They are certainly convenient and fun. When you scoot to your destination a few blocks away, you can park and leave them right there. How cool is that?

How risky is that?  Although you are required to be 18 or older to rent them, I have seen kids driving them (off mom's account?). Some cities may have caught up with some ordinances requiring helmets, or they may not. And drive into a sweet old lady on the sidewalk, causing her to fall and break her hip, and well, no - you aren't insured.

The rental agreement includes no coverage for your actions, and you're responsible to the scooter company for the care of the unit, and responsible to others whose person or property you damage. Motorized vehicles are not bicycles and they are not yet contemplated for coverage under a personal homeowners or renters policy. Nor are they covered under an auto policy. Maybe, just maybe there is coverage if you have a motorcycle policy, but usually they describe a covered vehicle as one that is licensed for use on the roadway... so I doubt it.

Need another opinion? Here you go, great article.  Here's another article I found on internet. You can read more out there if you search. All I want to say is, if you want to try out these scooters, just be careful. It's all in your hands (for now).

Here's a blog detailing some options out there if you're interested in owning your own scooter.

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