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2018 Graduates Honored with Scholarship

Allie and Allison small

We are proud of the accomplished and hard working young adults who have submitted their applications for our scholarship. Each year we are amazed by the achievements and experience put forth by these star students.

This year was no exception, the judges had a difficult time because so many candidates exemplified outstanding work and achievement. But these two ladies rose to the top and we are very proud to acknowledge both.

Allie Becker, daughter of Allan & Lorre Becker, will be attending Texas A&M this fall. Allison Garza, daughter of Tammy & Anthony Garza, Sr. will be attending Texas State University. They each received a $1,000 scholarship to assist them in achieving their goals.

We congratulate their parents and wish them well in their endeavors, as we do all the graduates this year. Keep up the hard work, perseverance and focus as you strive to achieve your objectives. If we can be of any assistance in the future, feel free to contact us.

For more information about our scholarship award, see this page.

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