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Beware bogus links to companies through Google


Take care when you look up an agency or a company online. Links to paid ads supplied by Google will receive precedence on the presented listing.  That means the legitimate company may appear down the list in fifth position as is the case shown above with Germania Insurance.

Through no fault of the insurance company, and beyond their control, other companies who pay for the privilege will be placed with misleading information to steer you from the company for which you were searching. I have learned that one company allows you to make a payment on your policy, making you think you are transacting with your actual carrier. Although they eventually transfer your payment to that company, they add a $4 charge to you for doing it. It can be worse if they won't even transfer the money. You will think you have paid for your policy but the premium never got there!

It is also problematic when you are searching to contact the company for a quote or to report a claim. If you are not taking care, you may be transferring personal data to some bogus entity that is masquerading as the company you wanted. It's an unfortunate fact of the internet today. So take care to look carefully at the web site for the company information and address when you click on it. 

We provide links to most of the carriers with whom we do business. So you can always come here if you need help.

(Here is a link to the full sized screen capture).Google Search Results

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