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All settled in and ready to work.


With grateful anticipation I have been observing my brother as he installed my new office sign. It started with a very innovative and creative design and includes unique back-lit design and cutting edge technology. Click on the sign for his web page.

Russell Janecka at his new office.

After all these years of being in an office building which did not allow my own outdoor signage, I guess I may have gone a bit big - but I am proud of our over 30 years of hard work, built on the original agency started by my Dad which lasted another 10 years.

Our Front Office

Jill Friedel and Leticia GonzalesOver these years we have added to our technology as well as  added companies and insurance products we represent.  We always maintain the goal of providing prompt service, quick response and communicating in the way that best suits our customers' needs. 

Now that we have this  larger, more comfortable and  convenient space, it is our hope that more will want to come by and visit us personally. We find that whenever you need to review your coverage, make additions or changes, or obtain insurance quotes. It always works best when we can sit across the desk from each other and look at the same results together on the computer screen. Accuracy counts and being able to have all the resources available goes a long way to making that happen.


 With our large conference room, we have the ability to visit with a number of people together. 

We look forward to offering the space to others if they need to hold a meeting with +12 people. 

And it is not out of the question that we might have a festivity or two at the office. I mean why not?

So here you go. We're all set and ready to serve.  Come by and ask for a cup of coffee or a coke. We've loaded up the break room for just such a request!

We'll get to know your situation and find out what needs you have and what matters to you the most. We understand that we don't always get your business, but it makes us happy to try. I always say that if we cannot save you money on your current insurance portfolio, you can at least find the assurance that what you have is serving your needs well. Then we've done our job - and made a new friend.

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