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Harried by a Hurricane - But Responding All The Same

Jill Friedel

Our staff stayed in Victoria to be available to assist as soon as possible.

And like so many others, we braved first a power blackout, and the shut off of water with  a later boil-water notice in our homes which lasted between 3 to 5 days. We also had no power, phone line or internet in our office until August 31st.

We got back into our office Monday morning and set up a make-shift operation with a generator, fans, lamps, laptops and cell phones acting as internet hot spots. The main office number was forwarded to my personal cell phone which proceeded to ring almost non-stop. That's why we were abrupt in our responses, missed many calls, and referred many others to call the companies directly, when possible.

Then the services came back up, which is great, but the air conditioner for our office, located on the roof, had been blown over and was still broken. So for now we are waiting on that repair while using fans to cool us today as temperatures are rising. I'm not describing this to try to gain sympathy. But, I just need to express my gratitude and pride in our office staff who came early and worked long through difficult conditions to try to fulfill the promise of being there for you when called upon.

Going forward, the company staff adjusters and independent adjusters who are working the area claims are striving to be quick, thorough and conscientious as they work through their list of claimants. We have tried to identify the worst affected homes so that they may be seen first. The Germania Catastrophe Team has been parked in our parking lot since Monday working 7 to 7.  I'm proud to say that this was the first insurance company “Cat site” set up in town. With limited gas, ice and traffic lights, it hasn't been easy for service trucks and adjusters to navigate the town and certain country roads are still cut off by high water. So I just ask for your patience as these brave workers do their best to meet with everyone who needs them.

Eventually things will start getting back to normal. Unfortunately, there is a lot of clean up and repairs to tackle before we get there. But I’m proud of tenacity and spirit I’ve already seen from our community, and am confident we will pull together and overcome.

August 31, 2017

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