Foremost Insurance

We represent the Foremost Insurance Group of Companies, national insurers recognized and known for insuring manufactured and mobile homes, motor homes, travel trailers, fifth-wheels, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft and collectible automobiles. Foremost also has a specialty dwelling insurance program in many states for site-built homes that don't qualify for "standard" or "preferred" coverage. Foremost has been in business over 50 years and has a superior combination of coverage and claim service.

Mobile Home

The companies of Foremost Insurance Group are known as the premier providers of specialized insurance for mobile homes and manufactured homes.

Foremost insures almost every kind of mobile home and manufactured home on the market today - from big, multi-sectional homes to older single-wides. There is no limit on the mobile home's value, size or make. Foremost will insure all of the following:

  • High-value manufactured homes
  • Low-value mobile homes
  • Mid-value mobile homes
  • New and old mobile homes
  • Owner-occupied mobile homes
  • Rental mobile homes
  • Seasonal mobile homes
  • Commercial mobile homes
  • Mobile homes on private property
  • Mobile homes located in a park
  • Even customized mobile homes

Boats and Personal Watercraft

Foremost's personal watercraft program is for watercraft carrying one, two, three or more people that can be stood on or straddled. Personal Watercraft are often referred to by their brand names such as Jet Ski®, Wave Runner® or Sea Doo®.

Foremost's marine line also includes a Family Boaters program for boats 26 feet and less in length. The Family Boaters program covers:

  •  Bass boats
  •  Bow riders
  •  Cabin cruisers
  •  Catamarans
  •  Day sailers
  •  Deck boats
  •  Fishing boats
  •  Sailboats
  •  High-performance
  •  Jet boats
  •  Pontoon boats
  •  Runabouts
  •  Flats boats
  •  Canoes
  •  Kayaks

Specialty Dwelling

Foremost's specialty dwelling line covers:

  • Landlord properties (up to 4 units)
  • Older and lower-value homes
  • Homes with minor cosmetic problems
  • Homes with a market value below replacement cost
  • Rental and vacant homes
  • Customers with credit and/or loss problems

Motorcycle and Off-Road Vehicle

Foremost's specialty lines of insurance include a variety of motorcycles and off-road vehicles:

  • Touring bikes
  • Sport bikes
  • Cruisers
  • Trike conversions
  • Custom and classic cycles
  • Dirt bikes
  • Dune buggies
  • Golf carts
  • ATVs (3-, 4- and 6-wheel)

Motor Home, Travel Trailer and Fifth-Wheel

The companies of Foremost Insurance offer specialized policies for all types of motor homes, travel trailers and fifth-wheels, including:
  • High value units
  • Low value units
  • Older trailers
  • Park models
  • Tent campers
  • Stationary trailers
  • Class A, B, and C rigs
  • Full timers

Collectible Auto

From classics to modifieds, the Foremost program insures all types of collectible autos, including:

  • Antiques
  • Muscle cars
  • Customs
  • Exotics
  • Classics
  • Hot rods
  • Modifieds
  • Sports cars